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Mary Jane?

No, I’m not talking about reefer, I’m talking about one of the best places to ski in Colorado, the Winter Park/Mary Jane Ski Resort.  I had never been there in the Winter, but raced my MTB there many times in the Summer.

The skiing today was fabulous.  I was very impressed.  Fast lifts, friendly staff, and easy access from the parking lot.

My good friend Matt hooked me up with a 50% off pass, which helped a lot.  At $92 a pop, that’s hard to swallow, but for $46, that’s not to bad.

We skiied the trees most of the time, and had a blast.  The snow was OK, but great compared to what I’ve had just over the Divide at Eldora.   It’s kinda funny, while skiing at Mary Jane, you can see the same view of the Divide I see at Eldora, but from a different direction.

It was a Blue Bird day also.  I don’t know if I’ve seen the sky so blue before.  I took some pics, but I don’t know if they really do it justice.

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