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Last night ride before 24hrs of Moab

Jon and I did our final night ride before heading out to the 24hrs of Moab. Our route was our normal mid-week loop in GGC It was cold, really cold, 25-28f.   We even ran into a couple of inches of snow on the north facing slopes.  We ended up with about 2;15hrs of riding and 2hrs with lights on.

The pace wasn’t has hard as we normally go when we ride together out there.  (GCC is hard no mater how fast your pace).  We managed to keep a good tempo throughout the ride.  I felt much better with the new Cygolite Triton 600 light on the decents and technical sections.   Combined with my headlamp and the 600 on my bars, I have some good light.  However, I can’t imagine not having enough light.

In other developments for the 24hrs of Moab, our team is upgrading the the Masters 35+ USAC Championship.   This should make the event more challenging and exciting for us.

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