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Hike-a-bike – In the snow!

Sunday was a nice day for a ride, Sunny and the roads were dry. Jon Les and I headed out on the MTB’s for a 2-3hr ride out to Moffat Tunnel. The original plan was to ride the Peak to Peak Hwy to Rollingsville, the up Rollings Pass Rd. Instead, we decided to take some back woods county roads.

We headed out to Pickle Gulch and then up Missouri Gulch Rd. Once we hit the top at around 9500ft, there was quite a bit of snow. We figured once we came to the first house off the road, the road would clear. The next house was almost two miles way. So we carried and pushed our bikes though at least two feet of snow. Luckily, the wind and snowmobiles had packed it so we didn’t sink in but only a couple of inches.

Even though we were not riding, we were able to talk and enjoy the peacefulness in the back country. All we could hear was the wind blowing and our feet moving through the snow. It was quite enjoyable.

Once we hit the first house, the road was mostly clear, there was still some ice and packed snow, but it wasn’t slippery.

The rest of the ride was fun too. We took it easy riding up Rolling Pass Rd, at times there was a very strong headwind. On the way back, it was almost effortless to get our speed up to 30 MPH with that headwind now pushing us. Though I must admit, it was a little scary hitting the icy and packed snow at that speed. I was surprised that nobody hit the ground.

We ended the ride with 4hours and 39 miles.

rollins pass rd

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