Generic Training Plan Details

  • 12 weeks of workouts with a well-written description
  • Workouts are online via the TrainingPeaks website or mobile app
  • A daily email reminder with detailed workouts.
  • Structured Workout device compatible.  Workouts can be exported for use with devices and apps. Learn More
  • Workouts built for use with a Power Meter, Heart Rate Monitor or Perceived Exertion
  • The plan includes field tests for FTP and Lactic Threshold Heart Rate Test (LTHR)
  • Access to our private Facebook group and get expert advice on training, racing and equipment choices.  You can also interact with other members for their advice and experience.
  • MTBCoach Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan available for $20
  • The MTBCoach Training and Racing Handbook, which includes information about how to use the training plan, execute workouts, nutrition, rest and recovery and much more.

For the best results stack the Conditioning (optional), Base and Build plans for a total of 24-30 weeks of training.  See Our Training Plans for more detail.