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Dawn Til Dusk – 12hr solo

I completed my first 12hr solo event last weekend.  I wasn’t sure what to expect going in.  I felt confident, but I haven’t riding my bike for 12hrs, much less competed on 100% single track.

I ended up getting 2nd place in  my Age group.  Finishing in 10:56hr, after 9 laps and 112miles.

I have done many under 2hr and up to 3 hr XC races, and even a couple of 24hr 4man teams, but never a 12hr solo race.  My expectations where low, I thought maybe 5th or 6th if I got lucky.

My plan was to do a 55min first lap, then settle in a 1:05-1:10hr lap pace and see how it goes.  Well, the first lap was super fast, and way more effort then I wanted to put out.  I completed the first lap in 48min, so I was worried I put to much effort in.   I ended up doing a 1:06, then 1:10, and each lap was a little slower then the last.  I know the first two laps effort was too hard, but it put me in a good position, I was 16min ahead of 3rd place, but 40min from 1st somewhere around lap 4 or 5.    I just needed to hold off 3rd place to keep my spot.

We had a great support group waiting for us at the end of each lap.  They had our bottles ready, which had  variety  of Hammer Nutrition products, Heed, Gel Perpetuem and Endurolytes.   I used Perpetuem through lap 7, laps 8 and 9 were just Heed and Gel.  I had no cramping at all, and never felt depleted.  I also had a 70oz camelbak for additional water.  It was a warm day compaired to the temps I’ve been riding in all winter, so the extra endurolytes and water kept the cramps away.

All in all it was a good time and I hope to do the race again next year.  The gals that put on the race did a  great job, one of the best organized races I’ve done.

The Dawn til Dusk race is also part of the RMU series, which I’m going for an overall win.  That’s my goal, to win the overall, at least for my age group.  The result from this race puts in me in a good spot for the overall.

My next race also in the RMU is the Front Range 50, in Lakewood CO. I placed 8th there last year.  I feel I can do better this year, but it’s also an open class, and some pretty darn fast folks line up at the start.

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