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Busy busy!

The last few days have been really busy for me.  I have been doing some workouts, but not as much as I’d like.  When there is little time to train, it’s really important that you focus on quality workouts, so that’s what I did.

On Wednesday, I had to be down the hill for an appointment  and afterwards I was going to ride my mountain bike.  The appointment lasted longer then expected and time was too short to ride.   By the time I got home, I only had about 45 minutes.  So I busted out some VO2Max intervals.  I did 4 3×3 and zone 5b.  I felt pretty good but was disappointed I couldn’t do more.

Thursday was eve more hectic.  I left the house at 10:30 and didn’t get home until 6.  I knew it would be a busy day from the get-go, so I did a hour of Steady State intervals, zone 2.6-3.    After the ride, I did my Core workout,  for a total of 1.5 hrs.

The weather is turning again up here.  We got some snow, not much, but the next few days will probably be a little icy on the roads.  Maybe by monday I’ll be able to do a road ride.

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