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Beginning Build 1 phase

This week I began the Build 1 phase of my training plan.  That means more intensity in all focus areas I’ve been working on.  Harder faster hill climbs, more zone 3 on the longer endurance rides, continued force and introducing power.  I’m also including two races in this period.

The MSC #2, Chalk Creek Stampede in Nathrop CO is this weekend.  Next weekend is the Front Range 50 in Lakewood, CO.

Here is my summary for this week:

  • Sunday- Did a preride of the Front Range 50 course with some team mates.  Ben, Lance, Les and Jon joined me for three laps of the course.  The race is in the metro area at around 5500ft, but we did get over 1200ft per lap.  We hit the climbs hard and fast.  There was also a good headwind one of the climbs which made for a good workout.  It’s going to be a fun course, but really fast.  check out the ride profile.
  • Monday – I hit the gym for some strength work.   In the evening I did an easy spin on the trainer, then a core session.  I used the spin to clear out some the aches I had from the work on sunday.
  • Tuesday – I hopped on the new Madone and headed out to Ned and back.  I was looking for a little more riding and climbing, so I once I got to the top of hwy 46 and 119, I shot down hwy46 to the Golden Gate Canyon State Park visitor center.  Here I turned around and make the climb back up.  The new bike is comfortable on a steeper climbs.  I ended up climbing 4700ft in 2.25hr, and 38 miles. Check out this profile.
  • Wednesday I took off.  I felt sore from Tuesdays effort, and needed a little recovery. I did do a Core session.
  • Thursday – I did another strength session at the local gym.
  • Friday – I’ll be doing a pre-ride of the race course.
  • Saturday – 1st race of the season.  The race should give me an good indication of where I am for the season, and be an excellent workout.  There is only two really short climbs.  One has a hike-a-bike section, the other is about 100 yd (maybe less).  The rest is fast double and single track.  It’ll be mostly zone 4 the whole time.  I should get’er done in 2:10, 28 miles.
  • Sunday – Recover
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