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24hr solo race bikes

2011 Trek Top Fuel 9.9

I’m all set for heading out to Tuscon, AZ for the 24hrs in the Old Pueblo. I’m bringing both my MTB’s.  My primary bike is the TopFuel 9.9.  This is one fast bike, and it’s so comfortable for long races. This is also going to be my main race bike for the entire season.

My backup bike is for this solo effort is  the Superfly 100 Elite.  This is another top shelf ride.  I took off my PowerTap MTB hub, and replaced the tires with some new Maxxis Aspens.  With those two changes, I dropped 2.5lbs on the bike.   This bike is also very fast, but I find my TopFuel to be faster and a little more comfortable.  My TopFuel also has the new XTR 2×10 setup.  I really like the 2×10 setup over 3×9.

BTW, that is a 5.5 -6 foot pack of snow behind the bikes.  I’m looking forward to riding on snow free trails and weather in the 60’s is going to be a very nice treat.

2011 Superfly 100 Elite
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