Service Comparison

Pre-Made Training PlansBasic CoachingPersonal CoachingPremium Coaching
Customized for your schedule and goals
Regular communication with coach1x per 4 weeks1x per weekdaily
Pre-Race Prep✘*
Post Race Analysis✘*✘*
Workout Analysis✘*✘*1-2x per weekdaily
Includes Field Test Analysis✘*
Free Studio Power and Lactate Test
Includes Racing and Training Handbook
Adjustments to training schedule1 per 4 weeks2 per 4 weeksunlimited
Online training schedule
Combined Cycle and Nutrition coaching✘**✔**✔**✔**
Service Duration12 weeks4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks
More InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

* option is available with Consulting service at an additional cost
** optional nutrition coaching available.  Basic,Personal and Premium coaching has option to include nutrition coaching as stated each page.