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triathlon coaching

MTBCoach athlete J. Ross, in Trinidad & Tabago top spot in her country’s National Championships. Ross finished 1st Overall Female 2016

You want to improve your Triathlon training and racing but you are on a budget?  Need guidance on training, racing and recovery and nutrition?   The Triathlon Coaching is our program designed for the triathletes looking for just that.  Propel your training to the next level with our USAT certified Triathlon coach one-on-one coaching program and start to achieve the improved results you’ve been working so hard for this year. You’re already highly motivated, driven to excel, and focused on improving your performance. Now you want to ensure that all your time and hard work spent training pay off.  

Work one-on-one with our coach in a 4 week cycle to balance your dedicated personal training and racing goals with your busy schedule and lifestyle. We’ll work with you to develop an individualized path to improvement. You’ll review and analyze your training and progress with our coach every 4 weeks. You’ll get feedback and recommendations on how to improve your workouts and your race strategy. And you’ll be held accountable to your commitment for achieving improved results.

You can also add a Nutrition Coach to the Triathlon Coaching.

One of the most overlooked aspects of training and racing is proper nutrition. Poor nutrition habits can quickly derail your goals. Even if you think you eat well, you’re likely missing key nutrients that will help you improve your power, endurance and recovery. One of the best ways improve performance is to improve your strength-to-weight ratio. You can do this fairly quickly by attaining your goal weight while maintaining or improving your strength. Triathlon Coaching and Nutrition Coaching can help you achieve this result. With the purchase of Nutrition Coaching, you’ll work one-on-one with Kelli Jennings, Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutrition Expert, and endurance athlete.

Triathlon Coaching Service Includes
Nutrition Coaching Service Includes

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Triathlon Coaching Service Prices – 4 weeks

  • $140  – Basic
  • $240 – Personal
  • $375 – Premium
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