Off the bike recovery should be done at least once or twice (and sometimes 3 times) a week depending on your fitness level.  Additionally, on those days when you are tired or after a few hard days, take some time off. This is when your body will build on all the hard work you’ve done.  Rest is just as important as the workouts.   If you feel you must do some exercise do an easy spin (below) or a easy hike.    However, I recommend taking a mental health day and spend some time with the family, get some work done or just kick it on the couch.


Recovery is what is going to give you the gains after hard sessions or consecutive session.  Here are some tips to include in your recovery routine.

  • Nutrition has a huge part recovery.  Checkout this page to help guide you.
  • On Rest days, walk or spin easy for 30-45 min on a trainer, zone 1, 80-85 rpm.  This will keep the blood flowing in the legs which will promote recovery.
  • During sleep is when your body will begin to rebuild the damage caused during exercise.  8-9hrs a day is necessary.  Sleep until your body wakes you up.  If you have to set an alarm to wake up, then go to bed earlier.  A nap mid day is also helpful, especially after a hard or long session.
  • Get a massage  and/or use a Foam Roller 


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