What and when you eat is just as important as when and how you train.  If you don’t eat right you will not be able to train or race your best.

Here are some tips to help you stay strong and recover faster.


Its extremely important to stay hydrated during your training season.

  • drink a few ounces about every 15 min while exercising.
  • Rides longer then 1 -1.5 hrs drink a sport drink during the ride
  • drink between 70 and 100 oz of water a day
  • limit pop/sodas
  • before a ride drink 16 to 24 oz
  • after a ride drink 24 oz for each pound of weight you lost.
  • you know you are hydrate if you pee is a straw color.
  • Don’t over hydrate, when pee is clear


  • 15 – 20 minutes before a ride you MAY want to eat a enery bar.
  • Drink about 24oz of water or a 16 oz sport drink
  • Eat a meal 1-3 hrs before the ride.  Depending on the size and carb load of the meal.  You’ll need to be the judge.

During exercise

  • For rides over 1 -1.5 hrs you’ll need to have carbs.  A energy bar, 16oz sport drink or 1-2 gels should be good for 1.5 to to hrs.
  • For every hour drink 12 oz water/sport drink.  1 bar or 1-2 gel.
  • For rides longer then 3-4 hrs you may want to try a sport drink with protein.

Post exercise

Within 30 min of completing exercise, drink 24-36oz water. For Rides longer then 1 hr a commercial recovery drink or high carb smoothie (not protein shake).

Within two hrs of a hard workout eat a healthy meal.  Stay way from treats (cookies, cake, candy and soda).  Eat healthy, low fat meals.

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