Threshold Power Building Plan for All Cyclist

Whether you’re looking to improve your racing performance or to complete your first gran fondo, increasing your threshold power is critical to your cycling success. Use our 16-week build plan to improve your functional threshold power (FTP) for Road racing, Triathlon, Mountain Bike XC or Endurance, Cyclocross, Gran Fondo or Centuries. This plan works best for anyone who can follow the training schedule with little help and does not need workout or race analysis. Workout and race analysis may be purchased separately as one of our Consulting Services and is included in our Personal MTB Coaching and Premium MTB Coaching services.

This is a demanding training plan that requires use of a power meter and a moderate level of fitness (you’ve been riding 7-8 hours a week for 8-12 weeks prior to starting this plan). You can use any of our MTBCoach Pre-Made Base Training Plans prior to starting this plan. The plan is designed around four unique 4-week training blocks that end with a rest week and an FTP field test .

Each Threshold Power Building Plan includes:

  • A 16-week build plan of bike workouts with 7 to 11 hours of training each week (1 to 2 hours weekdays; 2 to 3 hours weekend days), and  functional threshold power (FTP) field tests.
  • A core workout plan and instructions to help you build endurance, power, balance and stability.
  • A stretching and self-massage plan and instructions using a foam roller.
  • Daily email reminder with workout details.
  • Nutrition guidance provided by MTBCoach partner, Apex Nutrition, LLC.
  • 25% discount on the Apex Nutrition Fuel Right Instant Download Sports Nutrition Plan eBook and 2 free weeks of nutrition coaching with the purchase of any MTBCoach Training Plan or Coaching Service.
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