Here are a few quotes from people that have purchased my services.

“Through your 100 mile mtn bike base and build personal best plans, I set out with a goal to compete in the Breck 100. I also competed in the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series in the marathon discipline. I improved every race and had 4 top 10’s out of 5 events. I finished 2nd in my age group and 15th overall in the Breck 100. I felt great all day, and I know that the training plans put me in position to be successful. On top of that, I won the overall series championship in the 30-39 year old age group!! Thanks for the training plan. It was a success!!” Will from Denver, CO


Scott has been an MTBCoach Athlete  since Aug 2012.  He has some great blogs about his racing and coaching experience.  Check them out.

2013 – Best Season Ever

VaporTrail 125


“Thank you so much for the training plan and checking in on me. I feel like it really made a difference and helped me peak for race day. I’d be glad to recommend you!” Tracy from Fort Collins, CO, after completing the Leadville 100 Trail MTB Race 2012

“While I am not “competing” to win any awards, I am competing against myself, the rock, the clock, and the demands of school by working to achieve and overcome personal fitness goals and challenges through endurance MTB racing. Curt, your early season coaching has helped me establish the base fitness and mental toughness to push hard, and then harder late in long races like the Growler and HUNDO — no cramping, no desire to DNF, and a perception of power reserves at the end of races even when I know I am fatigued. Thanks for your encouragement, coaching and friendship. To anyone reading this (regardless of your cycling goals/experience), if you are considering a coach in your fitness and/or racing plans please look up Curt Wilhelm and MTBCoach.com. Sending sincere thanks your way Curt.”  Matt from Colorado

Curt did a great job at creating a program that suited my specific needs. He was very quick at replying and provided fantastic feedback every time I voiced any concerns I was having. I would highly recommend Curt to anyone.”  Matt, Mountain Biker , Tour Divide Finisher and Triathlete from Colorado




“I want to say thanks for taking my initial calls and supplying me w/ the base plan. It’s definitely working. I recently started implementing MonaVie’s RVL weight loss shakes, bars and supplements and have lost 5.5 pounds will a goal of 20-30 by the 13 hour race on April 9th. Again, thanks so much for the help and always being there when I have questions.” Jay, Mountain Biker from Virginia

“I CRUSHED the 11:30 training goal. 10:06:12.. and at one point, I thought I was going sub 10!!! Dropped almost 2.5 hours in 1 year!! THANK YOU for being my coach! :)”  Emily from Michigan






 “I can’t believe how much faster I’ve gotten from this plan. When I started I was doing 48-50 minute laps and now I’m doing 42-44. That’ just sick.”  Alex from Michigan

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