Program Comparison

Training Plan Subscription Pre-Made Training Plans Basic Coaching Personal Coaching Premium Coaching
Customized for your schedule and goals
Email, or text with coach bi-weekly 1x – weekly as needed
Pre-Race Prep ✘* ✘*
Post Race Analysis ✘* ✘* ✘*
Workout Analysis and Feedback ✘* ✘* 1x every 4 weeks 1x weekly as needed
Includes Field Test Analysis ✘* ✘*
Includes Racing and Training Handbook
Training Schedule Modifications bi-weekly weekly as needed
Online training schedule
Includes TrainingPeaks Premium $10
Combined Cycle and Nutrition coaching ✘** ✘** ✔** ✔** ✔**
Program Duration Monthly 12 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks
Cost from $24.95 $99 $140 $240 $375
More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info

* option is available with Consulting service at an additional cost
** optional nutrition coaching available.  Basic, Personal, and Premium coaching have the option to include nutrition coaching as stated on each page.