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What do you do when you lose your job

That’s right, today I got the boot.  I somewhat expected it.   The up side, I’ll get to ride by bike more and concentrate on coaching.

Since I had the day off, I planned an MTB ride.  There is still a lot of snow on the north facing slopes so I needed to head to a lower elevation. I ended up ridding a White Ranch Open Space.  There is a great, long climb from the partking lot.  Kept it slow to keep the heart rate down.  There was too much snow and mud at the top, so I just came back down.  I rode for about 1:20 with 1500 ft elevation gain.     The best part was that I wore just a jersey and shorts, no leg or arm warmers.  A cold front is moving in tonight, the nice weather we’ve had is coming to an end.


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Another beautyful day in the foothills

Wow, we are going on something like five days of spring like weather in the Front Range foothills and it’s mid January! We have been getting lots of sun, and the temps have been in the high 40’s.   Instead of doing the 3×3 intervals on the plan today, I had the opportunity to get out on the road.   And I’m glad I did.

I rode out to Nederland and then back.  I think I beat my fastest time getting there, from the house to the B and F market, it took me 47:34.  I believe I haven’t broke 50 minutes yet, I’ll have to check my records.  On the way there was some head and side wind gusts, but nothing like I had on Sunday.    Heading out to Ned is mostly downhill with some punchy climbs.  We start at 9150 elv, and go down to 8200 something, then I turnaround and go back up.  Lots of short climbs, and little recover between.  It’s a great workout.  I kept myself in the zone 3 and 4 area.  Riding time was 1:52, 30 miles and 3500 feet ascent.

This ride was on top of my strength training this AM with weights.  I’ll talk about my strength program another time.  gotta get to work.


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Level 2 Coach Certification

I am scheduled for the USA Cycling level 2 coaching clinic.  This is a three day on site clinc at the Colorado Springs, CO Olympic Training Center.  I’m exicited to meet other coaches and learn some new skills.   It should be a good weekend.  The classes are Friday-Sunday.  I haven’t been in a class for years.   I hope I don’t fall asleep in class like I used to.  🙂

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Inauguration Workout

This morning I watched  the Presidential Inauguration prep on the Today Show. It’s really cool to see how many people are excited about the new US Presidency. I’m among them, and I now wish I could be in Washington DC to witness it all.
While watching the news shows I busted out three 10 min Steady State intervals at High zone 2, low zone 3. 6 min recover between each intervals for a total of 1 hr.

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Nice day for a hike

I took the family out to Golden Gate Canyon State park.  We hiked up the Burro trail to Mountain Lion trail to the Little old house that sits by the lake.  I’ve been by there many times on MTB rides, but never really hung out.  We had a nice lunch while sitting on the porch soaking in the warm sun.   It was a nice spring day, in JANUARARY.

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Ward and back

Today was a long and easy ride. Though it wasn’t too easy.  There were some really strong gusts of wind while I was heading up north. When the gusts hit me a few times it almost made me stop.  If I wasn’t pedaling I would have falling over.  The way back was a bit easier, I got some nice tail winds a couple of times.

My goal was to ride for 4 hrs, in zone 2.  I did get up into zone 3 and 4 a couple of times, but I brought it back to 2 as quick as I could.  I ended up riding 3:56 with 55 miles and 6600 feet of climbing.