Racing Block

It’s been a while since I’ve written a race report, or anything on this site for that matter.    The Steamboat Stinger was the end of a big racing block for me.  After the Bailey Hundo I started a build period that lasted 3 weeks, which also included the Firecracker 50, with the Breckenridge 100 […]

30 x 30 Intervals, Peak Power Output

Here is a great example of a training session for XC and Endurance racing.    This workout is using power at zone 7 (150% ftp) for 30 sec on, and 30 secs. off.  There are 4 sets of 5 intervals each with a 5 min rest between interval.  Each set includes 5 intervals at 30sec […]

March Plan Sales Support Bailey Hundo

I’m racing in the Bailey Hundo this year.  The event is developed to fund raise for many Colorado organizations.  All proceeds go to Colorado Mountain Biking Association (COMBA), Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder (TFK) and Colorado High School Cycling League (Colorado League). This year I will donate ALL my plan sales in March to the Bailey Hundo.  If […]

24hrs In the Old Pueblo Result

I had a little redemption going into this race after last year. My goal was a top 5 placing and ride without extended breaks. I exceeded my goal by placing 3rd. If you are interested in looking at the profile on Training peaks, go here for the first 15hrs, and here for the remainder of the […]

Quarq Quatro MTB Power Meters For Sale

We are taking preorders for the Quarq Quatro MTB Power Meter. This is a crank based power meter that is on the SRMA X.0 crank set. All power meter purchases include a 6 month custom training plan ($300 value) to get you started with your new power meter.         The crank come […]

Steady State Intervals

I was stuck inside for my workout today and did some steady state intervals.  I chose 4 x 20 in tempo pace.    Here is an example graph of my workout.  The key to these workouts is to be steady in power, and cadence.  If you don’t have a power meter keep the speed and […]

Train smarter by training with power

If you wondering what you could to different for the next race season, you should consider buying and training with a power meter. Of course there could be other things that may help, such as more focus, better diet, build a bigger base etc.  However, if you feel you have peaked in your abilities and […]

VaporTrail 125, better late the never

I’ve been working on this post for almost three weeks.  It’s finally done.  It’s rambles on, but it gives a bit of insight of my experience with this epic event. When I first read about this race back in 2008, I never thought I could or would do this event.  It was way out of […]