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Seven tips to improve your base training

Base training is the foundation of your entire race season.  It prepares your body for the high demands of training to race.  For many  athletes base training is in the cold winter months that have adverse weather, little day light and less time to train.   In this post I touch on a few tips to […]

Stages Power Meter Review

Training with power is the best possible device to train based on intensity intensity.  The power meter when properly calibrated, doesn’t lie.  That’s why I recommend to use of a power meter to all my athletes.  It helps me be a better coach when my athletes use  a power meter.  The analytical data I get from the […]

Elevated Legs Review

The second most important element to training is recovery.  Recover fast and often and you will be able to train harder, become stronger, and go faster.   There are many ways to apply recovery to your daily training routine: 8-9hrs a sleep a night, mid-day naps, hydration, nutrition, massage, stretching and compression.   For proper […]

Do you need a coach?

I’ve heard some great reasons why  you need a coach.  I’ve even heard someone say “Everyone should have a coach”.  I’ve also heard a lot of different reasons why you don’t need a coach.  These reasons were not directed at me personally, but comments I’ve heard on the trail or ease dropping on friends and […]

Pacing Strategy for Endurance and Ultra Endurance Events

One of the topics I get asked frequently is about executing a pace strategy for endurance and ultra endurance events. Properly pacing your race will help you place higher and feel stronger at the end of the race. Whether you are using a power meter, heart rate monitor or perceived exception rate you can use […]

2013 Growler Race footage

The Growler is one of the most fun races in Colorado. The whole weekend is a blast, from hanging out with friends at the KOA to the end of the race itself.  The course is fantastic and well laid out.  The single track has fast flowy sections, and technical rock outcroppings.  It’s not for the novice MTB’er.  You need fitness […]

Daily Recovery for Optimum Performance

Recovery is a major part of training and is necessary to rebuild muscles and clear the mind. As you start entering your Build and Race Phase of your training recovery become even more important so you can do it all again the following day.  Athletes in their 40’s or older find recovery time takes longer […]

Fruita MTB Camp 2013 Recap

The first MTB Coach spring training camp was a success. We had six people of varying skills, from beginner to expert take on some of best and most fun trails in Fruita CO. The Trek Colorado Racing Team attended to lead rides and give tips on riding and race throughout the weekend. The first day […]

SRM MTB 2×10 Power Meter Review

SRM is the gold standard in power meters.  I don’t know if they were the first to come up with a power meter for bikes, but they have been around a long time.  They were one of the only power meters available for  many years.  SRM is known for their high quality products and excellent customer service. […]

24hrs in The Old Pueblo 2013

The 2013 edition of the 24hrs in the Old Pueblo was my 4th start of a 24hr solo.  I had completed in the previous years edition and ended up 3rd there and my goal was to just get through without stopping for any significant time and have a good time.  I easily accomplished that goal. […]