Welcome Associate Coach Chris Baddick

I’m super excited to announce that Chris Baddick is joining MTBCoach as an associate coach.  Chris is a well known athlete and great friend to many people in Colorado and abroad.  Not only is he one of the nicest guys you’ll meet, he’s one heck of a fast bike racer. Chris’s educational background in physiology and neuroscience is going to bring another level of knowledge to racing and training to MTBCoach and we are excited to have him as one of our coaches.

Chris Baddick is a British professional mountain bike racer with over three years experience competing at the very top level of the sport. Chris has won many of the iconic races in the Rocky Mountain region, and now races both nationally and internationally. Chris currently resides in Boulder Colorado, racing and training among the best in the world.

Alongside his sporting achievements, Chris has studied exercise physiology to a high level. As an aspiring national standard track runner, Chris studied neuroscience and genetics to the Master’s level, and is now working towards a Doctorate in Integrated Physiology. The inevitable running injuries forced Chris to rethink his career on two feet, and he instead moved to two wheels. Within a year of starting mountain bike racing, Chris had found major success, and quickly became known as a consistent and strong racer.

Chris’s combination of academic knowledge of the human body and significant experience racing mountain bikes, means that he understands the unique demands placed on the mountain bike racer. He knows about balancing work and training, and has overcome many hurdles to reach his own successes.

Chris is taking on athletes for XC and Ultra Endurance MTB, Cyclocross, Road, and Running.
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