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New Zone Calculator

I created a nice little tool to provide the training zone based on your max heart rate or Lactate Threshold. Check it out, Zone Calculator

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Updating Resume

As part of my benefits with my last job, they gave us three months service with a transition services company, Right Management.  This company has some great services which I’m taking full advantage of.   One of the services is resume development and editing.   I haven’t had to send my resume out in 12 years, so it’s in great need to be updated, not just for my technical skills, but for the current job market and the way companies look at them.

As far as workouts go, I didn’t to much.  I was still a bit worked from the MTB ride I did on Monday.  I needed a rest day.  I hadn’t had one for a few days.  I did end up doing a Core workout in the evening.

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Got some snow? Go skiing!

That’s what I did today.  There wasn’t snow much at the house, but Eldora claimed 6in over the last two days.

The snow was a little wet for this time of year, but there was no wind and it was 30 decrees.  After skiing some double black runs, and beating my legs to a pulp, the kids met up with me to do some blue runs and a new favorite of Alex’s, Psychopath.  Psychopath is a bumpy black run, not too long.  He zips down it like it was a groomed blue.  His brave sister follows behind with a little trouble, but both are down safely.

Before leaving to ski this morning, I did 1hr on the training with fast spinning, 95-100 rpm, in a low HR.  Then I did a core workout.

The kids are away at a friends house tonight, so Christine and I are having a date night.  No report on that, sorry!

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Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I needed to rest today, and clear the head.  We headed into Denver to check out the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.   I must say I was very impressed.  I’ve been to many museums in my life, and many around the world and this one is at the top, probably second to the Smithsonian.    The exhibits are very well done, and lots of room to move around.  We didn’t have time to see all the exhibits, so we’ll be planning another trip soon.

It’s snowed today, and Eldora said they got 6 inches of new snow today, and more expected tonight.  I’m going to do some glade skiing tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to.

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Level 2 Coach Certification

I am scheduled for the USA Cycling level 2 coaching clinic.  This is a three day on site clinc at the Colorado Springs, CO Olympic Training Center.  I’m exicited to meet other coaches and learn some new skills.   It should be a good weekend.  The classes are Friday-Sunday.  I haven’t been in a class for years.   I hope I don’t fall asleep in class like I used to.  🙂

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Nice day for a hike

I took the family out to Golden Gate Canyon State park.  We hiked up the Burro trail to Mountain Lion trail to the Little old house that sits by the lake.  I’ve been by there many times on MTB rides, but never really hung out.  We had a nice lunch while sitting on the porch soaking in the warm sun.   It was a nice spring day, in JANUARARY.