26in tube in a 29in wheel

While out on a ride with one of my ‘Niner friends, he got a flat.  The new tubes stem busted when it was getting pumped up.  This was the last 29in tube in our bags.  We did have an extra 26in tube, so we used that.  We had about 30 miles to get home, so […]


It snowed for the first time this season.  We got the full amount stated in the forcast, 3in. I’m not ready for the riding season to end but I know it’s snow going to last long.  We could have 3-7 more weeks left.  I’m hoping for at least 4-5 more weeks.

Fall Classic – Breckenridge CO

I signed up for the Fall Classic XC Race this Sunday, Sept 13.  This is one of the best XC courses around.  There is a lot of climbing from the start, but also some good single track, and a long descent at the end.  There is stated 26 miles for the course. Last year I […]

Mountain Lions

These three beauties were spotted in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, North East Corner.  Ironically, this is near my favorite trail named after the beast, Mountain Lion Trail.   I only make my way over there a couple of times a year, but I spend most  of my riding and training in the parks western side. […]

My new mtb

As I mentioned earlier, I got a Trek TopFuel 9.9 SSL.  I wasn’t sure how I would adjust to the bike, but I seem to be adjusting just fine. I’m not going to give a full review, but I will say a few things about the bike I’m noticing that I’m climbing faster or more […]

Just ordered

I just ordered a new Trek TopFuel 9.9 SSL. This race bike will replace my Specialized S-Works Epic . I’ll keep it mostly stock, but will change out the 2×9 Cranks and the bars. I’ll replace the bars with a wider riser bar, and the crank set will be XTR. I should get it in […]

Am I Famous?

Not really, but this is kinda cool.  The folks that run Training Peaks found my site and thought it was interesting.   They wrote an article about me and my training.  You can check it out here. If you came here from the Training Peaks Blog then you have already seen this and thanks for visiting.

Completed USAC Level 2 Clinic

That was a long 2 and half days.  It was all lecture.  However, the content of the sessions was very good.  We learned about everything from conducting an athlete interview to bio-energetics(how the body produces energy).   The physiology got a little low level for me, but I was interesting content. There was about 35 people […]

Tour of California

What a race so far, eh?  I’ve been enjoying it on Versus while I do my training. I was really impressed with Levis ride up Boony Dune.  I’ve driven up Boony Dune and it’s a good ascent, but he smashed it.  First catching the group of 7, then putting another mintue on them, when he […]