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It snowed for the first time this season.  We got the full amount stated in the forcast, 3in.

DSC02878I’m not ready for the riding season to end but I know it’s snow going to last long.  We could have 3-7 more weeks left.  I’m hoping for at least 4-5 more weeks.

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Fall Classic – Breckenridge CO

I signed up for the Fall Classic XC Race this Sunday, Sept 13.  This is one of the best XC courses around.  There is a lot of climbing from the start, but also some good single track, and a long descent at the end.  There is stated 26 miles for the course.

Last year I was mentally and physically done by this time, and didn’t feel my legs from the start.  Once at the top my freewheel was locking up on my Mavic CrossMax SL wheel.  I didn’t know the problem when it happend, but I was off the big a few times trying to figure it out.  I ended up 12th out of 15.  I’m hoping for a top 5 for this weekend, but  with low registration for the MSC races, I might be the 5th person on the line at the start.

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Mountain Lions


These three beauties were spotted in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, North East Corner.  Ironically, this is near my favorite trail named after the beast, Mountain Lion Trail.   I only make my way over there a couple of times a year, but I spend most  of my riding and training in the parks western side.

I ride in this park knowing there are dangerous animals that can kill me.  It won’t stop me from riding there, but I will be even more alert then normal.

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My new mtb

As I mentioned earlier, I got a Trek TopFuel 9.9 SSL.  I wasn’t sure how I would adjust to the bike, but I seem to be adjusting just fine.

I’m not going to give a full review, but I will say a few things about the bike

  • I’m noticing that I’m climbing faster or more efficient.
  • I’m descending slower, most likely because I’m learning the suspension.  New shock and fox.  I hope this will improve as I get used to the bike.
  • It’s a full 1lbs lighter then my Specializes s-works epic.
  • I’m liking the remote lockout for the rear.
  • Still playing around with the front lockout remote.
  • It sure is pretty.
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Just ordered

I just ordered a new Trek TopFuel 9.9 SSL. This race bike will replace my Specialized S-Works Epic . I’ll keep it mostly stock, but will change out the 2×9 Cranks and the bars. I’ll replace the bars with a wider riser bar, and the crank set will be XTR. I should get it in a couple of weeks.

Top Fuel 9.9 SSL
Top Fuel 9.9 SSL
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Completed USAC Level 2 Clinic

Pikes Peak from OTC
Pikes Peak from OTC

That was a long 2 and half days.  It was all lecture.  However, the content of the sessions was very good.  We learned about everything from conducting an athlete interview to bio-energetics(how the body produces energy).   The physiology got a little low level for me, but I was interesting content.

There was about 35 people in the class, from all over the country.  Some were just starting out, and others were existing coaches and ex pro competitors.  Everyone I met was really nice and had something great to share about their coaching experiences.

The Olympic training center was very cool (pictures attached below).   As guests we stayed in the dorm room on site.  I can’t say much about them, very basic.  There was some nicer dorms attached to the main athletic center.  There were athletes everywhere.  It is hard to tell what sport they compete in, but there were the gymnast and volleyball players and probably track and field competitors.  The athletes  were easy to spot they were all dressed in USA sweat pants and jackets.   I didn’t recognize anybody, and don’t know if anybody famous was there.   when I told my son where I was, he asked if I saw Michael Phelps.   I didn’t, but I’m sure he trained in the pool at one time.

There was a gym that we could use, but the class schedule and gym schedule didn’t mix well.  So it turned out to be a good rest for me, especially after the hard week I had.

Now that I have completed the level 2 clinic I can take the level 2 test.  I’ll be doing that this week.

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Tour of California

What a race so far, eh?  I’ve been enjoying it on Versus while I do my training.

I was really impressed with Levis ride up Boony Dune.  I’ve driven up Boony Dune and it’s a good ascent, but he smashed it.  First catching the group of 7, then putting another mintue on them, when he was over 3 minutes back.  Amazing!

Yesterday they started in my birth place, San Jose CA, and had a points sprint in Downtown Livermore, my last residence before moving to CO.  I have done the climb up Patterson Passroad, which is a great climb.  The ascent is steep and whindy.

I look forward to todays stage in the Sierra foothills.

As far as my training has gone, I took Saturday off.  I needed a little rest from the snowshoeing I did on Friday.

Sunday I did 2 hrs on the trainer at Zone 2

Monday I did 1.5hrs on the trainer at Zone 2 and a couple of hours skiing with my daughter.

Tuesday,  Ouch!  I’m still sore on Wednesday.

In the morning I did a strength workout, then in the afternoon I did two different sets of power intervals. The first set was 5 3×3 at zone 4.9-5.  Then I did a 10 min recovery spin, and then started with the second set.  3 OverUnders, 2 min at 86-90% LTHR, then 1 min all out zone 5, the repeat two more times for a 9 min interval.  I finished with a 20 min cooldown recovery spin.  Total time: 1:45hr

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Jolly Jug Glades

My 8year old son is becoming a pretty good skier. Today at Eldora after a couple of runs down the Corona mogul line I suggested doing the Jolly Jug Glades, at the top of Challenge Mtn. I thought we just do the top section, which is mellow for the most part. I thought this would be a good way to introduce him to tree skiing. Half way down there is a service road that we would cut on to and avoid the steep narrow second half. Some how we both missed the road, and if you have skied Jolly Jug Glades you’ll wonder how we missed it. I think it’s because we were having such a good time. Once we got the bottom he asked where the hard part was, and I replied that we did it. “That was easy, let’s do it again” he said. It was one of those proud moments, not just for him, having the skill and confidence to do a double black diamond run, but also for me to have been able to have the resources for him to accomplish it.

I hope before the end of the season we will be skiing Bryan Glades.