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Time Crunch Workouts

I’ve had some life changes recently that is not conducive to the training I’ve been accustom too, or need to prepare for a 12hr mtb event.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to ride my bike once or twice a week outside.  Its been almost three weeks since I’ve been on my bike on the road or trail.   The weather hasn’t cooperated either.  Being in the mountains has some advantages for great trail and road riding, but there are great disadvantages too.  The wind, cold, snow and ice all play a big factor on the ability to ride outdoors.  The temps haven’t been too bad, but the roads are icy and the trails are full of snow.  How do I still get my workouts in?  I have spent most off my time on the trainer and in the gym.  Most of the trainer sessions are high quaility workouts, not just spinning. In attempt to keep fit or improve fitness slightly, my indoor session are looking like this.

  • Strength Training twice a week 1hr sessions.
  • steady state intervals, usually 12 min on, 8 off.  sometimes 20min on, with 8 off. about 70 min
  • Over Unders, 2min under, 1 min over. 3 sets of 4 reps each.  about 60m
  • 2×2’s, 2min on, 2min off zone 4-5.  2 sets of 5, with 10 min rest between. about 1hr workouts
  • Speed zone 2 and 3 for 60min.
  • Active Recover 30 min zone 1 and 2.
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