92Fifty’ Performance Studio

lactate profile test, power threshold, v02max, lthrElevate your performance with MTBCoach. Join us for high-altitude Physiology Testing, Training and Recovery at the new, state-of-the-art 92fifty’ Performance Studio. Located at 9,250 ft. above sea level in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this is the highest elevation testing and training facility within an hour of Denver. Whether you’re preparing for your first race or pursuing a national or world championship, take the guesswork out of your training by learning how your body reacts to the demands and stresses of altitude.

Physiology Testing

Why test at altitude? Because you need to understand how your body reacts at altitude in order to develop an effective strategy to successfully train and race at altitude. The physiological changes that your body experiences at high altitude will have a considerable impact on your performance. Your power is lower, your heart rate is higher and your fuel demands are higher. If you’re serious about training and racing at altitude, you need to know your physical limitations so you can train smarter.

Field tests are a great way to measure things like aerobic fitness and power when training for a race. But they’re not performed in a controlled environment, and that leaves plenty of room for error and variation in the test results. Use our 92fifty’ Performance Studio to do your physiology tests with an experienced coach and get accurate test results that will allow you to train at accuracy levels and improve your performance.

Physiology tests are conducted on your bike or our treadmill.

We currently offer the following tests:

  • Power and Lactate Threshold  $150
  • VO2 Max $150
  • Fuel Test $ 100

Combine all test for $300

Each test includes a printout of your results and training zones and a 60 min consultation with our coach to explain the results and recommend workouts to help you meet your performance goals.

High Altitude Training

Realize the benefits of altitude training by boosting your body’s oxygen transport and metabolism. With the proper altitude training program, you’ll see improved and more efficient energy production both aerobically and anaerobically. This will ultimately allow you to experience increases in speed and endurance, less fatigue, and improved recovery. Contact MTBCoach to discuss coach-led workouts in a controlled environment or on your own at our new 92fifty’ Performance Studio.


  • Wahoo Fitness Trainer – with a variety of pre-loaded and custom workouts

  • Oxygen Generation Machine – vary your workouts from sea level to 9250’ and above

  • Treadmill

  • Elliptical

  • Plenty of core-engaging equipment to improve your balance and overall strength

  • 55-inch HD TV


After you complete your workout, use the ice bath and or air compression legs to flush out the lactic acid from your legs and speed up your recovery.

Contact me of more info.

The studio is in Gilpin County off the Peak to Peak just north of Black Hawk.  We are 1hr West of Denver, 30min west of Golden, and 50min from Boulder.

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