Our Coaching Program

Our coaching program is designed to work with beginners to pros in all endurance sports.  In fact, a majority of our clients are right in the middle of the bunch.  We understand everybody isn’t in it win it.  We know just getting across the finish line is a huge success.  Getting on the top step takes a great deal of dedication, motivation and luck.   You have a life outside of your sport and a balance is necessary to achieve your goals.  Regardless of where you are in your endurance journey we have your back.

Our coaching program is created for each individual and will build a training schedule to meet your goals, fitness level and age.  Your training load is tracked and we listen to your comments and feedback to determine your progress and fatigue level.  We make adjustments necessary to keep you on track because of illness, travel, or just life in general.

We use TrainingPeaks as our main program to deliver your workouts and track your progress.  The easy to use and sophisticated tool allows us to use the data uploaded from your workouts to help guide us to produce your best results.

If our one-on-one coaching isn’t for you, check our self guided training plans.  We have many plans to help you meet your goals.


As your coach we expect your to give us your all.  We don’t take your goals lightly.  We work hard to build you a schedule to meet your goals.  In return we expect you to give us realistic goals and follow our program created specific to you.

In addition we expect you to have a device to record each workout with heart rate, pace, speed, elevation, power (cycling) and upload all sessions to TrainingPeaks each day.  Without the data we are not able to guide you to your full potential and will only be making guesses. With each workout we would like you to record your comments about how the session went.  We like to know how you felt, especially issues that may have kept you from executing the sessions a prescribed.


Our coaching program includes one-on-one interaction with our athletes.  We like to meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending the program you pick.   During these sessions we will discuss your training, making sure we are meeting your goals and feedback on the past sessions.  We like to use technology such as Skype or Google Hangouts.   We use email and text for quick communication like schedule changes or questions.

All of our coaching is done online through TrainingPeaks. TrainingPeaks is a useful tool allowing us to keep open communication with our athletes. Daily e-mails direct our athletes on their next workout and we receive e-mails whenever a workout is entered in the training log. Personal and Premium coaching program includes the Premium TrainingPeaks subscription.

Feedback and Analysis

To ensure you are on track and executing the workout correctly we will review most and especially key workouts from each week.  We will review the workouts and make comments at a frequency decided by the program you pick, and sometimes more frequent at your coaches discretion.

Motivate and Encourage

The most successful athletes are the ones that are highly motivated and can execute the workouts as prescribed on a regular basis.  Sometimes the most motivated athletes need help to get started or an extra push.  We provide you with motivation when it’s needed and encourage you to push your limits.

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