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One of the most overlooked aspects of training and racing is proper nutrition. Poor nutrition habits can quickly derail your goals. Even if you think you eat well, you’re likely missing key nutrients that will help you improve your power, endurance and recovery. One of the best ways improve performance is to improve your strength-to-weight ratio. You can do this fairly quickly by attaining your goal weight while maintaining or improving your strength. Our coaching programs with and Nutrition Coaching can help you achieve this result. With the purchase of Nutrition Coaching, you’ll work one-on-one with our partner Apex Nutrition Kelli Jennings, Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutrition Expert, and avid athlete.

With the purchase of MTBCoach coaching plans, Kelli and MTBCoach work closely together to make sure you are fueled properly for your training, races and recovery.

Nutrition Coaching Service Includes

  • Initial personal assessment and analysis of your current nutrition habits.
  • Custom nutrition plan with specific individual recommendations for daily nutrition, training nutrition, supplements and hydration.
  • Custom meal plan with specific foods and portions listed for every meal, snack, and training fuel (before, during, after).
  • Optimal training fuel plan to ensure you are meeting your hourly needs on the bike, for all durations and intensities.
  • Optimal pre-training nutrition to give you a jump-start with nutrients and electrolytes without gastric upset.
  • Recovery improvement recommendations to help reduce fatigue, soreness, and recovery time.
  • Specific guidance in meeting weight/body fat goals while gaining strength in training.
  • Fuel Right Race Light eBook as reference for all sports nutrition, which includes Kelli’s video links, blog links, and podcasts.
  • Ongoing nutrition coaching with bi-weekly communication (emails) to provide accountability, nutrition plan adjustments, answers to questions, and preparation for specific upcoming races or events.

More information about Apex Nutrition

  • Recipes  – misc recipes for endurance athletes for improved energy on and off the bike.
  • Fuel Right, Race Light Ebook – A great intro to Kelli’s nutrition strategy and style before signing up for a plan or coaching
  • Coaching Plans – buy nutrition plans or one on one coaching.
  • Blog Posts 
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