MTB Stage Race Training Plans

MTB Stage Race Training Plans

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MTB Staging racing is in our opinion one of the most fun and rewarding MTB race events you can enter.  However, fun doesn’t mean easy, it is also one of the hardest events.  The fatigue accumulated over multiple days of racing can catch up with you fast and make the suffering that much harder to get to the finish line.  It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned racer or just getting started, our MTB Stage Race Training Plans will prepare you for the demands of multi day stage races. Also checkout out our MTB Stage Race Strategy.

Most of all, our MTB Stage Race Training Plans are ready to go, pre-packaged.  These are considered our pre-made plans and are $99.00 each.   Each plan is delivered on line via TrainingPeaks website and mobile app.  This plan is best for anyone who can follow the training schedule with little help and does not need workout or race analysis.  Workout and race analysis can be purchased separately, or checkout the Personal Coaching.

MTB Stage Race Training Plans include:

  • 12 week training plan
  • Workouts are online via website or mobile app
  • Daily email reminder with detailed workouts.
  • Workouts in this training plan can be exported for use with devices and apps. Learn More
  • Workouts built for use with a Power Meter, Heart Rate Monitor or Perceived Exertion
  • Plan includes field tests for FTP and Lactic Threshold Heart Rate Test (LTHR)
  • Nutrition guidance provided by MTBCoach partner, Apex Nutrition, LLC. Get a 25% discount on the Apex Nutrition Fuel Right Instant Download Sports Nutrition Plan eBook or sign up for the optional nutrition coaching (more) .
  • MTBCoach Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan available for $50
  • The MTBCoach Training and Racing Handbook, which includes information about how to use the training plan, execute workouts, nutrition, rest and recovery and much more.

Not sure which product to choose.  Checkout the Product Comparison.

Preview all of our the pre-made training plans

Base Period - 6-8 Day MTB Stage Race Base Plans
Build Period - 6-8 Day MTB Stage Race Build Plans