Leadville 100 MTB Race Training Plan

Leadville 100 Mile MTB Race Training Plan

Leadville 100 Mile MTB Race

Achieve your Leadville 100 MTB race goals with the MTBCoach Leadville 100 MTB Race Training Plan. Whether you are a veteran of the race and want to PR or you are a first timer this plan is designed to help you meet your goal.  This is not just a list of workouts, but a compressive  guide to succeed in the race.   The plan is designed for someone that has a flexible schedule, is self motivated and can follow the guide with little interaction from the coach.   For those people that need more structured help and interaction throughout the training process you’ll want our Basic Coaching and Personal Coaching services.

With the purchase of the training plan you will receive the following:

Workout schedule

The training schedule starts 24 weeks out from race day.   The workouts are designed to create a strong base and progressively build up to 2 weeks before race day and taper two weeks prior to the race.  The 12 week program starts 12 weeks from race day and focus primarily on race specific workouts.

The workout schedule is delivered on your free TrainingPeaks Basic account.  You will be able to see your schedule, have the workouts emailed daily and upload your training sessions to review your progress.

Talk with the Coach

Schedule two 60 min consulting sessions with a coach to discuss your goals and ask questions about your training plan, pacing, nutrition, equipment etc.  The 12 week program includes one 60 min session.

If you upload your workout sessions to TrainingPeaks the coach can review your progress and give you suggestions or feedback on your workouts.

Nutrition Guide

Nutrition is a key factor to endurance training and racing. Improper fueling can ruin your training and destroy your race. The MTBCoach nutrition guides provide the details on how, what and when to eat, along with a race day meal plan and race fueling strategy.


The Training and Racing hand book provides information to help you through the training process, prepare you for race day and execute your race with a nutrition and pacing guide.

The Leadville 100 MTB Race Training Plan details:

  • 12 or 24 week workout schedule.
  • Two  60min consult  (12 week program has one 60min consult)
  • The MTBCoach Nutrition guide for Base Training (12 and 24 week program)
  • The MTBCoach Nutrition guide for Build  Training and Racing (12 week program only)
  • The MTBCoach Training and Racing Handbook, which includes information about how to use the training plan, execute workouts, nutrition, rest and recovery and much more
  • Workouts are online via website or mobile app using your free TrainingPeaks.com account
  • Daily email reminder with detailed workouts
  • Workouts built for use with a Power Meter, Heart Rate Monitor or Perceived Exertion
  • 10% discount on Infinit Nutrition, training and race fuel.

Program duration

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