Fruita MTB Training Camp – 2014

Start of Camp at kokopelli trail head in Loma, CO
Start of Camp at kokopelli trail head in Loma, CO

The Fruita Training Camp has been cancelled for 2014.  Unfortunately we were unable to obtain the BLM permit in time for this years camp.  Stay tuned for other camps.

Please contact me  with questions, or sign up for the Training Camp Mailing List.

If you haven’t been to Fruita or at least ridden your MTB there, you are missing out.  If you have been, they you know how much fun we are going to have on all the fantastic single track.  For out of town folk, checkout the GoFruita website for information about the area.
This camp is perfect for anybody racing XC or Endurance or just want to become a better mountain biker.  If you don’t want to ride the whole distance each day, there are plenty of turn around spots to find your way back.   We will all be riding about the same trails.  We’ll be practicing technical trail riding, along with single track riding on fast and narrow trails.
Disclaimer: The trails we are riding on are not for beginners.  You need to be comfortable riding moderately technical terrain, similar to MTB race sources.  We will not be teaching basic handling skills, but we will teach you new techniques and you improve on what you already know.  
Watch the video from this years camp.

The training camp includes:
  • 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) of riding single track around Fruita CO
    • Friday Kopepelli trails 3-4hrs, with 2hr option
    • Saturday Rabbit Valley (CO/UT border) 5-7hrs with 2-3hr option
    • Sunday Lunch Loops  3-4hrs with 2hr option
  • Single track skill building on technical trails.
  • Nutrition planning with Kelli Jennings RD of Apex Nutrition LLC with option for Individual, Custom Sports Nutrition Packet and Consultation See more below
  • Campfire chats with the Pros.  We’ll discuss recovery, nutrition, bike maintenance and pre-race prep.
  • Basic Bike Fitting (TBD)
  • Bike Mechanic (TBD)
  • One on one season planning with the coach
  • Free Infinit Nutrition during camp rides
  • Free Basic Training Plan or 25% off Custom Training Plan.
  • Ride with Pro MTB racers.
  • Meet great like minded people.
Price is not set yet, but will be around $300-350

Cancelation Policy:  You many cancel up to 3 weeks prior to camp for a 100% refund.  Within 3 weeks of camp 50% will be refunded.

MTBCoach Camp Nutrition:

All attendees (included in camp  fee):

1 hour lecture on Mountain Bike Nutrition:

  • 50% Everyday Nutrition:
    *Tips to achieve and/or maintain race weight
    *Tips to increase health of cells for improved recovery, reduced illness, and reduced fatigue
    *Supplement guidelines
    *General guidelines for everyday carbs, protein, and fat intake
  • 50% Training Nutrition:
    *Guidelines on what to eat before, during, and after training including hydration and electrolyte recommendations
    *Guidelines for best recovery
  • Fuel Right, Race Light ebook

Custom Sports Nutrition Plans (extra fee collected at camp):

1) Comprehensive custom analysis of current nutrition habits, including: Daily Nutrition, Training Nutrition, Hydration, Supplements, and eating for a High Metabolism.  Plan of action based on analysis.

2) Custom Nutrition Packet with Custom Guide, custom Meal Plan, and an endurance sports nutrition education packet.  Meal plan offers ~10-15 meal recommendations for all meals/snacks + specific recommendations for Training nutrition before, during and after training. Includes recommendations based on food preferences.  Daily Nutrition (meals/snacks) promotes health and wellness, fat burn and minimal fat storage at an appropriate calorie level to meet your goals. Foods high in phytochemicals and antioxidants are emphasized to discourage inflammation, oxidative stress, and toxins in the body.  Then, custom Training Nutrition Plan (before, during, and after training): Specific, detailed recommendations based on length and intensity of individual training sessions – allows for adequate fuel and nutrients during training regardless of any calorie deficit for weight loss during Daily Nutrition. Instructions for days with multiple training sessions, evening before “big” training or competitions, eating 1-Week-Out before a major competition/adventure, etc.

3) One-on-one 30-minute meeting to discuss Initial Custom Recommendations and Packet during camp.

4) Nutrition coaching: 2 weeks of nutrition coaching included after returning home from camp.  I initiate 2 emails per week (usually Monday and Thursday) and respond to unlimited emails from you. I also review and provide feedback on online food log to continue to make any needed changes to plan to avoid plateaus or any frustrations. You can continue coaching @ $40/month or $100/3 months. I encourage clients to keep online food logs that I can access, review, and comment on to provide specific feedback.

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